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Nathan Gray works with drawing, screen-print and assemblage and has a particular affinity with paper and colour. His obsessions include music, traditional ornamentation, plant life and biological illustration. Nathan's work aims to be psychedelic and optimistic, drawing from his travel experiences and readings. He has been exploring aggregation, a natural process in which growth begins from a single point and progresses from an outer edge, as a working process for much of his artistic career. The artist uses aggregation as a metaphor from which to grow his pictures and installations.

In Love Purity Accuracy Nathan will construct an installation that proceeds linearly across the gallery's various surfaces. On and through walls, across floors, suspended from and woven through the rafters. The work will combine many small sculptures and found objects whilst utilising the fruits of his continued investigations into materials, combining drawing, rudimentary woodwork, collage, paper marbling, painting, paper cut, dying, silk screen, basket weaving, ceramics and paper plate geometry. In form these objects reference traditional craft and ornamentation, the geometry of plant and mineral formations and makeshift constructions.

Placed together the work will form a sort of static Rube Goldberg Machine where objects blur continuously from one to the other as though a stream of consciousness. A continuum of processes that reflect a density of ideas, organisms and events; the wild, brightly coloured arrangements teem like tropical ecosystems. Improvised and resourceful like favellas and shantytowns; festive, dynamic, playful and optimistic, this exhibition is an invitation to conject on a world that is just beginning. A gift hand made by someone who loves you.

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