Black & Silver
Tim Fleming
Jess Johnson & Jordan Marani
Conor O'Brien
Dell Stewart & Adam Cruickshank
Amber Wallis & Lizzie Hall
Dylan Martorell
Jake Walker & Mark Rodda
Nathan Gray
TSHDT? 004
Alter Egotism
Do You Remember What It Was?

Elvis Richardson
Belle Bassin & Alasdair McLuckie
Brendan Huntley
Kate Smith
Marcus Keating
Flux Capacitor
Tristan Jalleh & Saskia Pandji Sakti
Susan Jacobs
The Changes
Grow Wild

Dan Moynihan
Thomas Jeppe
Amber Wallis
Christopher Day
Akira Akira
Leah Fraser
Ry Haskings
Victory Over the Sun
Amiel Courtin-Wilson
Ash Keating
Brendan Huntley
William MacKinnon
The Edge of the Line
Helen Johnson
Charlie Sofo

Curated by Laurence Billiet


Habitat features three female artists whose work explores themes of identity, home and belonging. With a common and unapologetic focus on ordinary, everyday objects the artists aim to challenge their audience's perception of the world that surrounds us and provide a commentary on the relationship between people/objects and their habitat.

Laurence Billiet's installation of wheelie bins is a playful homage to these generic objects that are the foot soldiers, or unsung heroes, of the consumption cycle. These mundane vessels are an integral part of our day-to-day landscape but their ballet goes largely un-noticed. By encompassing Utopian Slumps with miniature wheelie bins and wheelie bin paintings, the artist creates an unusual visual spectacle that incites viewers to reflect on their relationship with both the object and its purpose.

In similar vein Christine Eid's custom-made taxi domes complete with graphs denoting workplace violence devoid of statistics force us to consider the perilous habitat of taxi drivers and encourage us to question why this data is not collected. While taxis are commonly seen as a commodity or transportation device Eid's work is a reminder that these drivers are individuals and that their presence transforms an impersonal conduit into a shared moment between strangers. Lending an affectionate humour, the domes will be turned upside down and suspended from the gallery ceiling as pot plants, further domesticating the objects whilst lending them new life. The plants inside the domes will be jade plants, symbolising friendship.

Photographer Georgia Metaxas works in a documentary context with a particular interest in the notion of rituals. She records the quiet moments of waiting for public transport in NYC. The gentle lighting of the Subway Stations bestow the images a sense of formality and occasion, rendering an everyday moment beautiful, mysterious and ultimately personal.


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