Black & Silver
Tim Fleming
Jess Johnson & Jordan Marani
Conor O'Brien
Dell Stewart & Adam Cruickshank
Amber Wallis & Lizzie Hall
Dylan Martorell
Jake Walker & Mark Rodda
Nathan Gray
TSHDT? 004
Alter Egotism
Do You Remember What It Was?

Elvis Richardson
Belle Bassin & Alasdair McLuckie
Brendan Huntley
Kate Smith
Marcus Keating
Flux Capacitor
Tristan Jalleh & Saskia Pandji Sakti
Susan Jacobs
The Changes
Grow Wild

Dan Moynihan
Thomas Jeppe
Amber Wallis
Christopher Day
Akira Akira
Leah Fraser
Ry Haskings
Victory Over the Sun
Amiel Courtin-Wilson
Ash Keating
Brendan Huntley
William MacKinnon
The Edge of the Line
Helen Johnson
Charlie Sofo

Curated by SLEEP CLUB


Michelle Arcila
Adam Cruickshank
Penelope Durston
Natasha Frisch

Nathan Gray

David Keating
Simon MacEwan

Niels Oeltjen

Dell Stewart

It's easy to forget the pleasure of the wild and the primal, especially given the place in the distant future we sometimes seem to have arrived at. The truly metamorphosing moments in life where we're confronted with wonder and sadness and need and desire are the times when the wild reappears in all its elemental glory. In GROW WILD, Sleep Club will celebrate this transformative wildness, this irrepressible tenaciousness of growth, the insistence of life and all its apparently unstoppable self-replicating systems.

GROW WILD will present the work of eight contemporary Australian artists and one American. Nine artists working in completely different mediums and with wildly varying approaches, GROW WILD is an exhibition that revels in the growing and the grown, an enveloping and welcoming space, a campsite in a gallery in the middle of a city, a mushrooming of the outside, inside. Work ranges through photography, sculpture, installation, animation, printmaking, painting and textiles, creating a unique environment, rich with possibilities, cross-pollinating in a frenzy of life. More specifically; a huge photographic window into an ancient wilderness, a furry life-size child, raised by wolves, patches of delicate papery grass emerging from cracks and corners and a place in the woods to listen and ponder morphing and growing fungus, flickering fire and ever-growing wild, woolly hair.

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