Black & Silver
Tim Fleming
Jess Johnson & Jordan Marani
Conor O'Brien
Dell Stewart & Adam Cruickshank
Amber Wallis & Lizzie Hall
Dylan Martorell
Jake Walker & Mark Rodda
Nathan Gray
TSHDT? 004
Alter Egotism
Do You Remember What It Was?

Elvis Richardson
Belle Bassin & Alasdair McLuckie
Brendan Huntley
Kate Smith
Marcus Keating
Flux Capacitor
Tristan Jalleh & Saskia Pandji Sakti
Susan Jacobs
The Changes
Grow Wild

Dan Moynihan
Thomas Jeppe
Amber Wallis
Christopher Day
Akira Akira
Leah Fraser
Ry Haskings
Victory Over the Sun
Amiel Courtin-Wilson
Ash Keating
Brendan Huntley
William MacKinnon
The Edge of the Line
Helen Johnson
Charlie Sofo

Victory Over the Sun
Curated by Melissa Loughnan & Helen Hughes

Starlie Geikie
Diena Georgetti
Richard Giblett
Richard Grigg
Michelle Hanlin
Newell Harry
Christopher L.G. Hill
Ben Quilty
Nick Selenitsch
Kate Smith
Alex Vivian

Exhibition Sat 11 - Sat 25 July 2009
Opening Friday 10 July 6 - 9pm

Zaum was an early-20th century constructed language that spanned across written, performative and visual arts media. The dialect pivoted around sound symbolism and associative sensory experience, forcing audiences to restructure their mental processes from rational to intuitive to fully experience Zaum texts. Zaum was a vocabulary tailored for the expression of a new era: one that did not tip-toe around public taste or convention. It also explored the abstraction of the word as a visual element, attempting to collapse the dichotomy of the word and image in a new, pictorial language. Zaum spelled progression, evolution and revolution. This constructed language lay at the core of a collective vision of a utopian future.

The critical construction of language has been projected onto numerous other visions of the future, and continues to play a central role in imagining futuristic utopias and dystopias. Consider the compound street dialects in Ridley Scott's Bladerunner (1982), or the inter-lingual monologues of the time-travelling Chow in Wong Kar Wai's 2046 (2004). Zaum can be seen as precursor to this, as well as to the mass construction of language as it is shaped by technology in the 21st century (for example, acronyms and emoticons in emails and text messages).

Victory Over the Sun reflects the limitations of language as it is curtailed by tradition and singular definition, and considers the futuristic possibilities presented by the transrational in pictorial and linguistic fields. The exhibition brings together a diverse range of artists working across (and collapsing) a number of different mediums, considering the way in which the conscious construction of language relates to ideas of progression, evolution, revolution and visions of the future.

Image credit:
Diena Georgetti
'If I let you interior, I'd have to make other things to hide'
acrylic on board
62.5 x 57 cm
Courtesy of Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

Installation photography: Ben Gleiser

site design:shyam ganju