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3 - 17 October 2009
Opening Friday 2 October 6 - 9pm

In 2008 William was awarded the Marten Bequest travelling Scholarship, which allowed him to spend three months driving from Melbourne to Fitzroy Crossing and around the Kimberley. He was then artist in residence for two months at Mangkaja Arts in Fitzroy Crossing; including a back to country trip with the Martu people and working with students at the local high school. William's 'Paintings conceived while driving' originates from this experience.

To William, the Kimberley is an irreducible place where the ancient and contemporary co-exist, as does humour and tragedy. It is a heady mix of sublime vistas, burnt out Toyotas, ancient rock art, football, hip-hop, country music, drugs, magic and spiritualism.

William's paintings stem from the intersection between reality and imagination: what he physically perceives and what he concocts in his mind. For many years, the car has changed the way that William sees the world, integrated into his life as the Internet is for many others. This body of work has been influenced by his road trip to the Kimberley and his experience there. But ultimately this is an exhibition about the possibilities of painting.

The motion of a vehicle never fails to stimulate William's mind. For the artist, the movement, the soundtrack, the windscreen is all cinematic. His own road movie unfolds. To William, there is nothing quite like driving alone at night in the rain. Heading somewhere, leaving somewhere, perpetually cast in a liminal contemplative space.

William completed a Bachelor of Arts, Melbourne University in 2000, a Postgraduate Diploma from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, in 2006 and a Master of Visual Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2008. He has held solo exhibitions across such spaces as Joint Hassles and Hewer St Studios, London and participated in numerous group exhibitions. Paintings conceived while driving presents William's seventh solo exhibition.

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