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Charlie Sofo


Presented in association with Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney


'Facts' will present eight new works from Charlie Sofo, comprising seven objects and one video piece. Some of the works are structures designed to hold materials that the artist has gathered and formed into collections over the past year. 'Bookmarks', for example, incorporates a collection of small pieces of paper and card that were found in library books. The bookmarks have been delicately arranged over an outdoor camping table and gently covered with a sheet of perspex, recessed into the table. 'Flicker', the video piece, consists of a collection of images of flickering fluorescent light bulbs recorded around Melbourne, and it is accompanied by a percussion soundtrack. Adjacent to the video are cast fluorescent tubes; copies of fluorescent lights made from white paraffin wax with wicks inserted as though candles.

Sofo has traditionally presented his work in an objective, matter-of-fact way, hence the exhibition's title, and avoids distinctions between constructed and found objects. Maintaining an interest in alternative media, especially marginal or overlooked materials, Sofo presents his works in an unambiguous way. Facts forms a collection of recent facts that relate to everyday tasks of collecting, making art, and life in general.

According to Glenn Barkley, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney:

"Hair, books, particles, lint, photocopies, lotto cards, erasers, saliva, thread, seeds, clothes, actions, grease and grime, rice, 100s and 1000s, dog eared pages, sand paper.

...[Sofo's work finds] meaning in the slight, the marginal. The search and collection: the discipline of making marks. Obsessions, patterning, over and over."

Charlie Sofo completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) at the ANU School of Art, ACT, in 2005. Solo exhibitions include 'Particular Particles', Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney, 2008; 'Something like a human', Studio 17, ANCA, Canberra, 2007; 'Containers', Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka; and 'Snot', The Hive Gallery, Canberra, 2006. Recent group exhibitions include 'I'm worst at what I do best', curated by Tom Polo, Parramatta Artists Studios, Sydney, 2009; 'Soft Glue - Charlie Sofo and Mary Macdougal', curated by Joel Mu, Black & Blue Gallery, Redfern, Sydney, 2009; 'New World Records', curated by Helen Johnson and Nick Mangan, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, 2009; and 'The Ergas Collection', curated by Glenn Barkley, Gallery9, Sydney, 2008. His work is held in the GOMA, MCA and Artbank collections.

Installation photography: Louis Porter

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